This is Co-calico.  She lives the good life now, but it wasn’t always so easy for her.  She got lucky.  She found the Kelly Cat Conservatory when she was pregnant with a litter of kittens.  She and her kittens hung around the Conservatory for about a year until space opened up.  It wasn’t easy protecting 5 kittens from dogs, eagles, owls, and cars, but she did it successfully.  And even while dealing with her own issues– Co-calico is horribly allergic to mosquitoes so, in the summer, the backs of her ears would get really raw and bloody with a cycle of getting bit, scratching, developing scabs, scratching, getting bit some more…  Even now, after seven years of living inside at the Conservatory, the fur on the backs of her ears has not regrown.

Co-calico and her kittens have been  been able to stay together all these years.  They snuggle up together, play together, eat together…

cocali's gang

Cocalico Greedo Pumpkin

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